About Distributors Direct

New Zealand's new Online School Uniform Shop:

Distributors Direct a Christchurch based company established by Bruce and Stephanie Watson with 25 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of quality clothing and school wear.


While owners of Beckenham Drapery between 1975 and 1985 schoolwear rose in popularity in New Zealand. As it was still only an optional item parents were faced with minimal sources of supply so Bruce and Stephanie Watson began manufacturing school uniforms of a high standard to meet the demand.

As word of the durability and value spread the decision was made to establish a special schoolwear shop and so they founded Direct Uniform Suppliers (which later became know simply by the acronym D.U.S). The sydenham based retail shop flourished due to a reputation for quality schoolwear at reasonable prices and it's commitment to providing a reliable supply.
In 2005 D.U.S was the largest specialist supplier of school uniforms in the South Island. The company came under new management when it was sold that year.

How the online school uniform shop began:

Distributors direct was born out of the encouragement by local schools for Bruce and Stephanie to bring back the quality D.U.S was orignally appreciated for and return a relaible school uniform service to Christchurh which would be further offered to the whole of New Zealand via an online shop and could continue the tradition of the best school clothing, service and affordability possible.

Distributors direct remains committed to quality and service. Distributed direct is still managed by Bruce and Stephanie with very many items locally made to the highest standard. It is also one of the few wholly New Zealand owned school clothing manufactures who provide a significant range of not only common essential schoolwear items but also collaboratively designed unique items for schools.
We continue to support school comunities with our school uniform service and are happy to answer any inquiries or questions about our online shop.